Stay Hydrated and Get Healthier

As you know, your body is only able to survive for a short time with no water. As well known as this may be, many people don’t drink as much water as they really should. This is why we’ll be focusing on several of the main benefits of drinking more water in this post. One more related matter is deciding what kind of water to drink -bottled, tap or distilled.

Healthy Joints and Muscle

A high percentage of our bodies is made of water, so it’s no wonder that we must drink a lot of it to continue to be healthy. Our bones, blood and muscles all require water to function properly. It’s one thing to drink just enough water to live, but another thing to consume enough to help make healthy new cells. It’s also vital for healthy joints and muscles. This is one reason it’s extremely important to drink a lot of water when you exercise. This minimizes the risk of injury, and helps you recover faster from any muscle pulls or joint pain.

Water Quality

Maybe you have heard that distilled water is best -or that filtered, tap or bottled water is better. This is a contentious topic that will not be solved in a single article -or even a single book. It actually depends on several factors, such as the quality of the tap water in your area. In addition there are differing qualities of bottled water. The quality of filtered water is dependent upon the filter you have. A very good water purification system can remove most impurities, but these are quite costly. An affordable water purification system is better than nothing, but cannot be counted on to purify water than has any poisonous substances in it. Concerning distilled water, you really must investigate this topic and decide for yourself as there are numerous contradicting views about it.

Preventing Dehydration

When you hear the term dehydration, you might think about someone dying of thirst in the desert. But this is only the most extreme type of dehydration. Many individuals end up having much milder versions of this problem. Alas, should you be used to not drinking enough water, you probably do not realize it. If you wait until you happen to be parched to drink water, you’re probably waiting too long. But you’ll have less energy and may even suffer from depression due to this. Dehydration furthermore deprives your skin of necessary moisture. Your metabolism also does not perform as efficiently, making it much harder to burn up calories. These are only a few of the signs of dehydration, and this should really motivate you to ensure you drink plenty of water each day.

As critical as water is to our health, the majority of us do not pay enough attention to our bodies’ needs in this area. Naturally, if you are extremely active, your body must have more water. Even if you’re only at work or running errands, though, water is still important. You should try to drink the purest water you can, whether that means getting a quality water filtration system or drinking distilled or bottled water.